February is a Good Month for Garden Planning

. Kids in 39 Wyoming Public Schools STEAM  classrooms, 7 Team 21 after-school programs, 2 classrooms at South Elementary in Grandville, and 4 classrooms at Countryside Elementary in Byron Center, all planned their summer gardens in February. They began by learning why planting a variety of fruits and vegetables helps protect the garden from being […]

Pinecones Are For The Birds

Our Team 21 kids at 10 schools in Wyoming used pinecones, shortening, and bird seed in January to make pinecone bird feeders to hang in their school gardens. Pine cones are the perfect vessel for a handmade bird feeder. Our feathered friends are getting a winter treat made by the hands of children. If you […]

Variety-The Spice of Life

In January we brought ‘Variety…The Spice of Life’ to 39 Wyoming Public School STEM classrooms. Students learned how eating a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables gives us a variety of the vitamins and minerals that make our bodies strong and healthy. We use MyPlate, which was created by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, […]

Gardening in January in west Michigan? Yes!

  This month we installed a regenerative, no-till school garden at Godfrey Early Childhood Center in Wyoming. We were greeted with sunshine as we engaged in the process of covering the ground with cardboard, paper, leaves, and mulch. Soon a blanket of snow will cover the layers causing them to break down and create a […]

Is it Dirt or is it Soil?

This month 850 students at 3 Wyoming schools learned that “soil” is the scientific name for the ground in their school garden. They discovered that soil has both living (organisms, decaying matter. air and water) and non-living (clay, sand, silt) parts and that it is the living parts that add important nutrients to our food. […]

A New School Garden Install

Super Garden XV! Our recipe for a new garden at Godwin Middle School Ingredients: A big dump truck full of wood mulch (10 yards) A truck load of composted mulch (7 yards) At least 20 yard-waste bags of fall leaves Many sheets of cardboard from collapsed boxes 20 – 7th and 8th grade students 7 […]

Student Chefs Enjoy the Harvest

This week our youth garden chefs at Godfrey Middle School used their culinary skills to prepare a delectable salad. They enjoyed some mouthwatering melon and grilled veggies. Godfrey Middle lost their garden due to a school expansion so the produce was harvested at neighboring schools in Wyoming.  Excess produce went home with students. We love […]

Harvest Time!

Harvest Time in our school gardens includes picking, weighing, washing, preparing, and tasting! Watch the excitement, in this video, as the students at West Godwin Elementary discover cucamelons growing from overhanging vines and show off the radishes, peppers, cucumbers, and other vegetables they have harvested. After harvesting, students took their vegetables to a scale where […]

Feeding the World

  The challenge before us…feeding the world. Quite often we are looking to the big companies to rise up to this challenge yet we are all aware of the toll that industrial agriculture is taking on our soil. With the rise in population comes a need for re-thinking the way we grow food. We see […]

Garden Paths for Happy Feet

  Sometimes little feet are so happy to be exploring in the garden they forget where it is safe for them to go. “Oh no was that a plant?” We want the children to feel free to roam through and enjoy their school gardens and at the same time preserve and protect what they have […]

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