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Team 21 is Garden Planning!

At West Godwin, our team facilitated an engaging garden planning session for first and second-graders. Using creative materials like refried beans for soil, carrot sticks for fences, corn and black beans for seeds, shredded cheese for compost, and broccoli for plants, the students had a blast refining their planning skills while crafting miniature “gardens” that would soon become a healthy snack. One girl fashioned a miniature tree using a carrot and a piece of cheese.

The excitement continued as the students enthusiastically flipped through seed catalogs, exclaiming over the beautiful pictures and choosing which fruits and vegetables they would add to their gardens.

Last, they used paper and colored pencils to sketch their own unique garden plans.

At Godwin Heights Middle School, Team 21 students worked in groups using whiteboards to plan their gardens collaboratively. According to Garden Educator Sarah Samosiuk, the group work produced innovative designs, inspired some great conversation, and built excitement for this year’s upcoming school garden.

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