Teaching children and families in West Michigan how to grow their own food

Our hands-on programs and services invite people of all ages to learn how to grow food through affordable, low-maintenance, regenerative gardening practices.

We believe that a
small seed in the hands of a child can transform a community.

How we work

We teach regenerative gardening, a sustainable, cost-effective, and organic method of gardening. Our primary emphasis lies in creating educational gardens for schools, offering interactive K-12 learning experiences, and conducting engaging community workshops. Through our hands-on, environmentally conscious, and enjoyable approach, we aim to instill in students the pleasure of growing their own food.

For Children & Families

We provide hands-on garden experiences that invite children and families into the art and science of growing their own food.

For Teachers & Administrators

As a resource for teachers and administrators, we offer programming, curriculum, and school garden design, consultation, and installation.

For The Community

As a resource to the community, we offer our annual heirloom plant sale, gardening workshops, educational resources, and garden consultation.

What is regenerative gardening?

In contrast to a conventional tilled garden, regenerative gardening embraces the use of organic matter to nurture the soil rather than deplete it. This approach harmonizes with nature, mirroring the conditions of a flourishing forest floor where plants naturally thrive. Regenerative garden beds sustain vibrant underground ecosystems, preserving essential nutrients and moisture, while also reducing weed growth and fortifying the soil for future plantings.

Helping you grow

Downloads for teachers, parents and kids!

Living Soil


Tips for Starting Your Regenerative Garden


Starting Your School Garden Guide w/ Consult


Gardening with kids

We are growing with over 2,700 students in 14 regenerative school gardens across west Michigan.

Garden Stories

Stories of hope, inspiration, and of course — gardening!

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