1 out of every 5 children in west Michigan does not have get enough affordable, nutritious food to eat on a regular basis.

H.O.P.E. Gardens is addressing this problem by teaching children, families, and communities a simple, affordable and sustainable way to grow their own food in a garden.

Helping Other People Eat

Our hands-on programs and services teach people of all ages how to grow food through an affordable, low-maintenance, organic method called regenerative gardening.

Community Gardens

We install community gardens in places where access, finances, and time are barriers to healthy and affordable food. We also provide gardening workshops, consultation, and support for people starting home gardens.


We offer experiential education programs for grades K-12. We help students plant and tend a garden, along with related biology lessons. Our extensive curriculum was developed in partnership with professional curriculum writers and meets current educational standards.

Seed Sharing & Heirloom Plants

We connect schools and communities through our seed sharing program. We sell our organically-grown heirloom plants to raise money for gardening programs, and we donate extra produce to local food pantries.


Regenerative gardening recreates the conditions in which plants naturally thrive. It’s inexpensive and easy to start because it doesn’t rely on chemicals, tilling, or any special equipment.

Unlike a traditional garden, a regenerative garden is covered with mulch, which retains water and nutrients for the plants, minimizes weeds, and enriches the soil for future planting.


Connecting Communities, One Seed at a Time

H.O.P.E. Gardens is part of a larger system including government agencies, food pantries, food distribution agencies, and farmers, growers, and next door neighbors dedicated to addressing hunger in west Michigan.

We partner with a diverse team of teachers, administrators, community volunteers, undergraduate students, master gardeners, and other nonprofit agencies.

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