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Partnering with schools, families, and community., our work supports community-led solutions to help people learn how to grow food.

How we work

We teach nature-inspired gardening, a sustainable, affordable, organic method of growing, primarily through school learning gardens, K-12 hands-on educational programming, and community workshops. We are experiential, environmental, educational… and fun! As we invite  students, families, and community members to learn how to grow their own food, we embrace our guiding principles. 

Our Guiding Principles


Our approach to gardening isn’t just about plants. It also encompasses environmental sustainability by nurturing the earth and community strength through relationship building and promoting collaborative experiences.


Just as regenerative gardens require diversity to thrive, we recognize that each person contributes an invaluable set of skills, experiences, and perspectives. We are community-centered, partnering with neighbors and diverse agencies, schools, and community organizations. We are stronger together.


Our programs give students and community members firsthand experience in the value and joy of growing their own food and how to use these skills and resources to feed themselves, their families, and their communities.

What is regenerative gardening?

Unlike a traditional tilled garden, regenerative gardening covers the ground with organic matter, which nourishes rather than depletes the soil and works with nature to create conditions similar to the forest floor where plants naturally thrive.  


Regenerative garden beds preserve thriving underground ecosystems that retain nutrients and moisture, minimize weed production, and enrich the soil for future planting.

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