Our Story

How H.O.P.E. Gardens grew out of a dream, a diagnosis, and a bit of soil.


During his experiences with hunger and food insecurity as a teenager, Rich Brunson had an vision of a billboard emblazoned with the word Hope. He realized that H.O.P.E. could stand for Helping Other People Eat. He didn’t know how, or what, he would do with this idea, but it was a powerful premonition that would come back to him many years later.

Fast-forward more than 25 years later. Rich sustained an injury that left him out of work and recovering from a serious concussion. When he found healing and solace in his home garden, his wife Julie remembered his vision of hope, and recognized how gardening might be the key to helping other people eat. Together, the couple grew Rich’s vision into H.O.P.E. Gardens.

What Is Regenerative Gardening?

Our Simple Approach

We teach regenerative gardening, a method that recreates the conditions in which plants naturally thrive. It’s inexpensive and easy to start because it doesn’t rely on chemicals, tilling, or any special equipment.

Unlike a traditional garden, a regenerative garden is covered with mulch, which retains water and nutrients for the plants, minimized weeds, and enriches the soil for future planting.

To provide healthy and affordable food sources to those in need, and to empower people to feed themselves

Benefits of Gardening

Mood Enhancing

Soil is scientifically proven to improve your mood!


Getting outside and learning while doing reinforces new concepts


Gardening brings people together with common purpose


All ages and abilities can enjoy getting their hands dirty

Tangible Rewards

You can actually see, touch, and taste the “fruits of your labor”


People support what they help create and take pride in tending and caring for a garden.

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