Senator Winnie Brinks Visits Our Garden

In a heartwarming show of support for nutrition education and food equity, Senator Winnie Brinks and her assistant, Kate Kooyman, recently visited the Gladiola Elementary School garden. This visit not only emphasized the value of hands-on nutrition learning but also demonstrated how school gardens have the potential to transform access to fresh, wholesome produce for […]

Exploring in the Garden

At Godfrey Lee Elementary, the students engaged in a fascinating exploration of their garden and compost bin to learn about decomposers. During their investigation, they made an interesting discovery: pill bugs, also known as Roly Polys, prefer the dark and damp spaces beneath wood chips and cardboard. Additionally, they actively participated in planting various plants […]

Summer in Our School Gardens

At H.O.P.E Gardens, we have been excited to engage students in various enriching activities in our school gardens this summer. To begin, we taught the art of transplantation, guiding students as they learned how to carefully move seedlings that had sprouted from seeds. This hands-on experience provided them with valuable skills and knowledge about plant […]

Reflecting on H.O.P.E. Gardens’ Vision for 2024

From the desk of Julie Brunson: As I sit here by the garden, contemplating our goals for H.O.P.E. Gardens in 2024, I find myself drawn back to our mission and vision, and the remarkable progress we have made thus far. While strategic plans and goals are undeniably crucial, it is the heartfelt moments that linger […]

Plants Need Light to Grow

In March students in 39 STEAM classrooms learned that dormant seeds contain stored energy (cotyledon) to produce a plant. In April they discovered that after a plant begins to grow, the seed energy becomes depleted and plants must get their energy from the sun. Students were able to compare plants that were grown in sunlight […]

Unearthing the Garden’s Secret Helpers: Worms

As spring unfolded, our students embarked on an eye-opening journey into the intricate world of garden ecology. They uncovered the invaluable role played by worms, nature’s unsung heroes, in nurturing our green spaces. These humble creatures devour organic matter and fallen leaves, converting them into nutrient-rich soil that forms the bedrock of vibrant plant life. […]

Let’s Talk About Seeds!

We love teaching students where their food comes from. Did you know that a dormant seed contains everything that it needs to grow into a plant and grow food to eat? This month students learns the parts of a seed and then each was given a seed that had been soaked in water to awaken […]

Kids Learn About Pollination and Beekeeping

4th-grade students at Grandville South Elementary learned the importance of pollinators as they examined flower parts under magnifying glasses and bee parts under microscopes. One student told our staff he was excited to use a microscope for the first time! Student volunteers tried on a beekeeper’s suit and helped demonstrate how to care for bees. […]

February is a Good Month for Garden Planning

. Kids in 39 Wyoming Public Schools STEAM  classrooms, 7 Team 21 after-school programs, 2 classrooms at South Elementary in Grandville, and 4 classrooms at Countryside Elementary in Byron Center, all planned their summer gardens in February. They began by learning why planting a variety of fruits and vegetables helps protect the garden from being […]

Pinecones Are For The Birds

Our Team 21 kids at 10 schools in Wyoming used pinecones, shortening, and bird seed in January to make pinecone bird feeders to hang in their school gardens. Pine cones are the perfect vessel for a handmade bird feeder. Our feathered friends are getting a winter treat made by the hands of children. If you […]