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We had a Workshop

On Saturday, March 11, we hosted a Rengenerative Garden Workshop at Flowerland in Wyoming, MI. Hope Gardens’ staff taught community members how to install their own no-till, regenerative (nature-based) garden.

Regenerative gardening is an approach to sustainable food and farming systems that regenerates topsoil and enhances biodiversity now and long into the future. This practice is designed to nourish the soil naturally rather than depleting it and refilling the ground with fertilizers, many of which can damage plants and the soil’s microscopic life.

Did you know that there are more living organisms in a tablespoon of healthy soil than there are people living on the planet? These organisms play an important role in plant health.

Participants had a great time learning the regenerative garden process, starting seeds to take home, and planning their own gardens with the help of our experienced garden staff.

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