Variety-The Spice of Life

In January we taught ‘Variety…The Spice of Life’ to about 850 students in 39 Wyoming STEM classrooms. Students learned that vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals are linked to the colors of fruits and vegetables, and by “eating the rainbow” we put a variety of those things into our bodies

We linked the lesson to gardening by showing them how gardening allows them to plant a wider variety of fruits and vegetables than they might be able to find at the store.

Our tasting this month was Rainbow Fruit Kabobs. Students strung a raspberry, a blueberry, a mandarin, a grape, and a piece of pineapple on a skewer and then enjoyed sampling the fruit variety.

Kathy Bego, our precious assistant described in response to a day’s lesson this month:

“Today’s bright slides, coloring, catalogs and a tasty snack created a welcome way for students at Parkview to enjoy a fun hour and learn something too on a grey January day.  Here are just a couple of the flood of delighted comments the students offered. 

I love raspberries so much.  It was my favorite! I never tried it.

That snack was so yummy! When can we make it again?

I wish you guys could stay here forever and help us make more snacks!”


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