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Summer in Our School Gardens

At H.O.P.E Gardens, we have been excited to engage students in various enriching activities in our school gardens this summer. To begin, we taught the art of transplantation, guiding students as they learned how to carefully move seedlings that had sprouted from seeds. This hands-on experience provided them with valuable skills and knowledge about plant growth.

In addition to transplanting, students actively participated in garden tasks such as weeding, watering, planting, and harvesting early crops. These activities ensured that they had a comprehensive understanding of the life cycle of plants and the importance of maintaining a healthy garden ecosystem.

We also aimed to foster creativity among our students through our “A Little Bit of Me In Our Garden” project. Kids enjoyed painting rocks to create a unique path within the school garden, leaving a personal touch and showcasing their artistic abilities.

To further deepen their understanding of nature’s processes, we organized a Decomposition Scavenger Hunt. Through this interactive game, students explored their school grounds, searching for signs of decomposition while playing Decomposer Bingo. This activity encouraged their curiosity and instilled a sense of wonder about the natural world.

In a lesson that taught about harmful and beneficial garden “pests,” we organized an Insect Hunt. By turning over rocks, examining plants, and digging in the soil, students had the opportunity to observe the diverse array of both types of creatures present in our gardens. This hands-on experience fostered a deeper appreciation for the delicate balance of nature.

Understanding the significance of worms in our gardens, we included a dedicated session called “Worms In Our Garden.” Students picked a worm and made friends with it by naming, measuring, and feeding it. Then they released their friend into the garden to do its important work. Through this process, students learned about the vital role that worms play in soil health and plant growth.

To reinforce knowledge of various fruits, vegetables, and flowers, we created “Hope Gardens Bingo.” Through this game, students became familiar with the names and characteristics of different plant species, fostering a love for the diverse flora in our gardens and everyone went home with a prize.

Finally, we designed a Fruit and Vegetable Plant Identifying Game. Students were challenged to match ripe produce with the corresponding plants, strengthening their understanding of the link between what we grow and what we eat. This game emphasized the importance of sustainable food systems and healthy eating habits.

At H.O.P.E Gardens, we believe that engaging students in hands-on activities within the school gardens during the summer provides valuable educational experiences and fosters a lifelong connection with nature. We were excited to witness the excitement and growth that took place in the school gardens this summer.

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