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The shape, size, and color of a lemon, but with super-sweet flavor! This cucumber was famously peddled by one snake oil salesman as a genuine cross between an orange and a green cucumber. The huckster claimed that he had plucked an orange blossom from his daughter’s bridal bouquet (orange blossoms were a popular bridal flower in those days) and used it to pollinate a cucumber plant! These “true lemon cucumber” seeds were sold at a bargain price of $1 per seed! Indeed, the lemon cucumber is a pretty convincing fake, with round, lemon-yellow fruit and a swollen blossom end, just like a real lemon. Alas, the lemon cuke is a true cucumber, a result of naturally selecting for round, yellow fruit. The lemon cucumber originated in the late 19th century and was introduced to the U.S. in 1894. The tasty fruit is low in cucurbitacin, that naturally occurring cucumber chemical that accounts for a slightly bitter taste. The flesh is citrusy and adds a real zip to salads! Fantastic for kids’ gardens.


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