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March Garden Tips!

  1. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, this is a good time to revisit your garden and start getting your supplies and areas ready for your transplants! Make sure you have enough tools and gloves and clean up any fallen debris and garden messes you have been pushing off all winter!
  2. Eliminating hibernating pests in the early days of March can save you a world of trouble in the upcoming months of summer. It should top the list of things to do in March in the garden. Examine the crowns of your perennial plants, and you will find slugs, snails, bugs, and aphid colonies cowering in the closed spaces, sheltering for the winter. Research some eco-friendly ways to eliminate pests- there are a ton of alternatives so you don’t have to introduce harmful chemicals to your precious & fragile garden ecosystem!
  3. Your (already established) perennial plants need to be pruned so they can start growing new shoots & stems! Simply prune off dead & decaying parts of your perennial plants and watch them boom with new growth as the season progresses!
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