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Harvest Time!

Harvest Time in our school gardens includes picking, weighing, washing, preparing, and tasting! Watch the excitement, in this video, as the students at West Godwin Elementary discover cucamelons growing from overhanging vines and show off the radishes, peppers, cucumbers, and other vegetables they have harvested.

After harvesting, students took their vegetables to a scale where they weighed and recorded the weight of their bounty on a chart. Next, they moved to washing and chopping stations where their produce was prepared for tasting.

Last, students were presented with a fresh, healthy salad from a garden that they have planted, watered, tended, and watched grow, right on their own school property. We believe every student, in every school, should have the opportunity to learn how to grow food for themselves and their community.

Note: A cucamelon (or Mexican sour gherkin) looks like a tiny watermelon but tastes like a slightly lemony cucumber. You can pop them in your mouth, use them in a salad, or can them like a pickle.

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