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Continuing Our Impact with Remote Lessons

We provided remote lessons with garden activity kits to more than 600 students at 13 schools each month this winter. The activities were enjoyed by leaders and students alike.

In January, students were given a lesson on Seed Dispersal and then used seeds to create Pinecone Bird Feeders. Students had fun getting their hands into it when they combined bird seed with shortening and spread (or smeared) the combination on a pinecone. The laden cones were hung outside to feed their feathered friends.

In February, we provided a lesson on the practice of Seed Saving and Sharing. The students experienced how seeds are harvested by physically removing and saving the seeds from either a dried bean, a ground cherry or a radish pod. They then separated sunflower seeds from chaff and deposited them into custom personally decorated envelopes for seed sharing. Packages of sunflower seeds will be distributed throughout the surrounding communities this spring.

In March, we asked students to imagine and design their own garden space on graph paper.

Each month we ask the students to consider why growing and sharing food matters. Our hope is that one day these kids will become personal gardeners whose love for growing and giving food will help bring an end to food insecurity.

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