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Growing Green: Teaching Kids the Value of Garden Produce through Fun and Games

by Kathy Bego, Garden Educator During our April classes, kids engaged in well-designed “Fun and Games” to learn that the vegetables they grow in their school gardens are worth money! A short slide deck introduced the monetary value of produce by featuring shots of an abundant school garden harvest and a grocery store flier.A clip […]

Planting and Caring for Garden Herbs

Cultivating herbs in a nature-based garden can be both enjoyable and beneficial. Here are 13 tips to help you plant and grow great herbs. By following these nature-based gardening practices, you can create a vibrant and productive herb garden that contributes to the health and biodiversity of your overall garden ecosystem.

Winter Sowing!

Convert spring fever into spring seedlings with Winter Sowing! For “winter sowing”, we plant seeds in milk jugs or other semi-transparent plastic containers. Placed outside in January or February, these mini-greenhouses expose seeds to the cold temperatures that some wildflowers and other perennials need to experience before germinating. How about broccoli, kale, or dill? The […]

WZZM-13 On Your Side visits H.O.P.E. Gardens at Oriole Park Elementary

Our Programming…“helps them to see, now I can be a food grower,” H.O.P.E Gardens Lead Teacher Holly Smith stated during an interview with the WZZM 13 On Your Side television crew last week. “I can have a garden, I can encourage my family to have a garden. We can all grow food. Everybody can.” Echoing […]

Team 21 is Garden Planning!

At West Godwin, our team facilitated an engaging garden planning session for first and second-graders. Using creative materials like refried beans for soil, carrot sticks for fences, corn and black beans for seeds, shredded cheese for compost, and broccoli for plants, the students had a blast refining their planning skills while crafting miniature “gardens” that […]

Gimme Some Space!

This month, our students in Wyoming Public STEAM classes are receiving a lesson called ‘Gimme Some Space’During our lesson, students realized that, like themselves, plants have different likenesses and differences that a gardener needs to be aware of. They were able to recall from previous lessons that plants need sun, soil, water, and air but […]

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