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Let’s Plant Some Peas!

Garden Educator, Kathy Bego

Let’s Pop Some Pea Seeds into the Garden!

Whether it rains or snows, pea plants are one of the stars of spring planting. Like other cool weather crops, peas can be planted in these March and April days of changing weather. Choose between lower bush varieties or the climbing types of peas (check the seed packet). Support the lower varieties by pushing in several small, branching sticks along the planted rows. Climbing peas grow best when their tendrils can twirl onto fences, poles, trellises, or even tomato cages, reaching heights of four to eight feet.

Plant peas an inch deep and two inches apart (please also read the seed packet).

Choose among three types of fresh, green peas: garden, sugar snap, and snow. Garden or shelling peas are prized for the starchy, sweet peas inside the pods. The edible pods of sugar snap peas and young pods of many varieties can be eaten right off the vine as a healthy snack. The slim pods of snow peas are delicious stir-fried or sautéed.

You can download Pea Planting Instructions from our website in English or Spanish from our Free Resources page.

Peas are very nutritious, giving us vitamins, fiber, and protein. Wishing you happy spring days of pea planting and eating!

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