The site is comprised of various other apps and platforms to help perform all the functions needed to sell products, collect donations, leverage and marketing emails.

Shopify is the ecommerce tool used to build the backend of the online store. Plants, paid resources and other products are setup here, including pricing, descriptions, pictures and other product info.

Synder is a connection tool to get Shopify and Quickbooks to talk to each other. This allows for transactions and purchases in Shopify to automatically show up in Quickbooks.

WordPress is the content management system (CMS) that ties everything together, it acts as the home base. This is where the website “lives” – where you go to edit pages, add blog posts and change anything on the frontend of the site.

Mailchimp is the email marketing platform used to collect email submissions. Emails collected from the newsletter subscribe form automatically get added to Mailchimp.

Little Green Light is your hub for keeping track of donors, volunteers. Donations made on the website are automatically funneled into LGL.

Elementor is a website page builder and the tool you use to edit pages. Elementor lives within WordPress as a plugin and allows you to visually edit your site.

Gravity Forms is another plugin that lives within WordPress and its function is to build complex forms. Gravity forms is used on the site to take donations, then record the donor info in LGL.

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