We Need Your Help!

We have had to make a lot of changes and adapt the way we offer our school programs due to COVID-19. This summer we were not able to meet in person with our summer garden programs but we provided pea seed cups, growing instructions & journals for kids to grow at home.

This fall, all of our school programs will be remote, and we’ve adapted in the following ways:

  • Creating additional take-home kits for students to grow plants at home
  • Lessons will be taught via Zoom videoconference  instead of in-person
  • Creating new videos for remote asynchronous learning
  • Developing and printing resources students to use at home

All of these changes mean additional time, energy, and costs for H.O.P.E. Gardens, specifically for project managing new programming ideas, printing and supplies, and additional labor for creating at-home kits.

To make a financial donation, please click here.
To volunteer your time, please click here. 

Thank you for your continued support!

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