Bringing H.O.P.E. to west Michigan Schools

We provide garden education programs for students in grades K-12.

Program Overview

Our collaborative, hands-on, experiential approach reinforces concepts and teaches students practical life skills.

H.O.P.E. Gardens provides garden education during school and as part of after-school and summer programs.

  • Planting, tending and harvesting a garden on school grounds
  • Experiential lessons that integrate with science curricula
  • A seed-saving and seed-sharing program where students give seeds to surrounding schools and the community
  • Custom options (like a sensory or butterfly garden, permaculture design)
  • Monthly lessons based on grade level that cover topics ranging from seed starting and garden planning to vermiculture, beekeeping, and nutrition.

Our Impact

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South Elementary Grandville Public Schools

“Our school garden has changed many students. I have seen students ask to go to the garden when frustrated or upset. There, they almost immediately relax and can more easily reflect and problem-solve. Students have learned that the garden is somewhere they can go to feel safe, have fun, and watch their hard work pay off.”

Darla England, Principal

Oriole Park Elementary Wyoming Public Schools

"H.O.P.E. Gardens provided engaging lessons for my 4th grade students last year.  My students always looked forward to the staff from H.O.P.E. Gardens coming to our classrooms.  They loved the staff and the personalized attention that students received from each and every one of them.  They also loved the lessons and especially, the taste testing! Best of all, at the review at the end of the year, my students remembered a lot of what they learned!  If your students would love to learn about plants, the health benefits of eating plants, play learning games, and get their hands in some dirt, I would highly recommend participating in the lessons with H.O.P.E. Gardens!"

Ginger Elsenheimer, 4th Grade Teacher

STEM Classrooms Wyoming Public Schools

"Many of my students want to know when it's their turn to have H.O.P.E. Gardens come. Some students come to class telling me how many more days until it's their class's turn again. I LOVE the excitement students are showing both during lesson days and the countdown until their next session."

Jolanda Nederveld, STEM Teacher

Benefits for Students and Teachers

Experiential Learning

Interactive, progressive and systematic education + hands-on experience = student empowerment

Tangible Rewards

Students are empowered by actually seeing, touching, and tasting the “fruits of their labor”

Mood Enhancing

Soil microbes have proven antidepressant qualities; gardening helps with emotional regulation

Integrated Curriculum

Our curriculum is tied to grade level using core content education standards

Turn-Key Lessons

Our instructors come to your school to teach monthly lessons -- no extra effort required from your teachers

Practical Application

Our program teaches students valuable and practical life skills

Imitating Nature with Regenerative Gardening

We teach regenerative gardening, which recreates the conditions in which plants naturally thrive. It’s inexpensive and easy to start because it doesn’t rely on chemicals, tilling, or any special equipment.

Unlike a traditional garden, a regenerative garden is covered with mulch, which retains water and nutrients for the plants, minimizes weeds, and enriches the soil for future planting.


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